If you’re looking to pick up girls, LA is a rough place to be by all accounts. One of the many problems people have here in the absence of a social network. Without one, your prospects are less than stellar. It’s a big problem, but far from the only one. While popular bars and clubs attract many gorgeous single ladies, there are quite a few barriers to entry. What’s more, LA girls are very busy and can be picky. We’ll explain the main difficulties and share tips how to pick up girls in LA.


Given LA’s very close proximity to Hollywood, LA girls have a unique vibe. It’s been claimed that you need to be rich and famous to get lucky here. According to a popular Reddit threat, women in California in general are used to being around actors, musicians, and movie stars, so if you’re not “in the industry”, you’re going to have a harder time dating.

Most of the pretty girls in LA are looking for careers in modeling or acting. Due to the fact that they’re constantly getting hit on by all kinds of people, they’ve become picky and jaded. Bartenders who are so inclined have relatively good chances of getting girls because their patrons tend to be looking for the same thing.

Picking someone up is easy only if you’re very rich and influential. Even if you do get a date, the location might prove to be a problem, like if you’re in Highland Park and they’re in Santa Monica. You’d best make sure parking is available if you’re meeting someone across town. You’ll need to use two separate cars if a girl in LA invites you to her home. Sadly, you might find street parking ultimately ruins everything.  

The Unique Mentality

Cities like New York are much easier for dating. People in the City of Angels exist on a far more curated level. This tends to provoke not insignificant frustration. Angelenos in general tend to be somewhat insecure despite their high salaries.

Patience pays off if you want to get lucky here. Ultimately, the city will help you get past the stereotypes and even build confidence.

How does it look with picking someone up online? When approached on dating sites, LA and Houston girls tied for hardest-to-reach according to a recent nationwide survey. Girls in Miami and New York ranked just below them.

Yes, LA girls can be hard to get. They care about their appearance and spend a lot of time trying to perfect it. We all know and appreciate that it’s hard work. Just like girls everywhere, however, they are looking for understanding and want to meet someone with a nice and friendly attitude. In lieu of genuine understanding, you can at least make the girl feel good. Make a genuine compliment on her talent, clothes, or pet. If you hit it off with someone online, follow up by making a move to meet her in real life.