Doing anal can be very frightening for first-timers. After all, we’ve all heard stories of how hard it can hurt. The stretching out of the anus can sometimes even cause serious injury if the receiving party hasn’t been sufficiently prepared.

Because of that, there are some things you should know before you start doing anal.

Use Lube, Lube, And More Lube

You need lube to start doing anal. This cannot be stressed enough, as the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, you’ll need to continually apply lube. If you don’t, you’ll risk tears, as well as painful friction between the penis and the vagina.

To gauge when you’ve had enough lube, first ask your partner, then slowly insert your fingers inside the anus. If this doesn’t hurt, attempt it with a penis or dildo. Finally, if that doesn’t hurt either, you’re ready to go.

Wash Carefully Before Doing It


Hygiene is extremely important when it comes to doing anal sex. After all, everyone can think of what happens if you don’t wash out properly first.

The best case scenario is that nothing happens. In this scenario, you might just be sacrificing some blowjobs. However, you also easily stand at risk of serious infection, which can even end up in the amputation of the penis. There are even certain STD’s which can be transmitted this way.

To avoid all of this, make sure to wash out the receiving party beforehand, ideally without using an enema.

Start Out Slow


It won’t do to just go hammering away as soon as your dick’s inside. This will hurt your partner, and likely won’t be too pleasant for you either. Start out slow in order to help her get used to the feeling. Fingers and toys can help do this, but few things can replicate the exact feeling of a dick.

Remember To Enjoy It


Thinking too much about the various things you need to do and steps you need to take can leave anal feeling like a chore. Remember you’re doing this for both of your enjoyment.

The most important thing after all, is to have fun doing it, and please both yourself and your partner to the best of your abilities.