Anal sex is a long-standing obsession for many men. Why this is can be seen from many angles. For one, there is the taboo aspect. The asshole isn’t where the dick is biologically meant to go, which makes men all the more eager to put it there.

Secondarily there is the porn factor. Porn has drilled this idea of anal sex deep into the consciousness of countless men. This makes it a fantasy and even a fetish for some.

Finally, and most importantly, it just feels amazing for a guy. Anyone that’s ever had anal sex will know just how tight and good it feels. Many have wondered, however, how it feels for a girl. That is the question we’ll be trying to answer here.

There exists no short answer. Truly, it is impossible to give a yes or no answer, as the answer seems to be most along the lines of “it depends”.

The only common element between women that we’ve found is that it makes them feel “full” and that part of the sensation is much like going to the bathroom.

Some girls that don’t like anal sex simply aren’t fans of the bathroom-like sensation, claiming it feels icky or the like. On the other hand, there are those that are simply hurt by it. This can be caused by multiple factors. The first is lack of lubrication, as the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate. Lube is a prerequisite for any anal experience. The second cause can be that the penis has a large girth. This can lead to the anus spreading far more than the girl can easily enjoy.

That said, the percentage of women that enjoy anal sex is far higher than that of those that do not. In fact, it could be argued that those that don’t simply haven’t tried it with enough lube and a careful partner.

For those women it can feel like an amazing pulsating pleasure. Not too far distant from the one they get when their G-spot is being hit. Naturally, due to the overabundance of lube, it can feel a tad slippery. Furthermore, anal stimulation leads to much stronger orgasms for many women, and can enhance the experience of vaginal and clitorial stimulation.

Additionally, it’s an extremely intense feeling. This is why it can take a few times until some women are used to it. If your first anal experience didn’t turn out ideally, don’t be afraid, give it another shot!