Getting into anal sex can be a rather daunting task. After all, most of us have heard at least a horror story or two about how much it can hurt. The worst thing is that they aren’t far from the truth. When anal is done wrong it can bring significant pain to the receiving party. Because of this, it is extremely important to learn how to prepare and do anal sex the right way.

After all, it isn’t quite so difficult, and it’s worth it for saving your partner the pain.

Watching anal in porn won’t prepare either of you for the real thing. Much like all other forms of acting, porn isn’t altogether genuine when it comes to anal. They skip over the preparation, the lube, as well as any other steps needed to make the girl comfortable. Because of this, porn is a horrible source to learn about anal from.

With that said, what are good places to find anal tutorials?


Apparently, PornHub isn’t all for porn. There are actually quite a few valuable resources for learning about anal sex on the site. There are many tutorials given in explicit detail. The main issue with many SFW methods of finding tutorials is that they’re not allowed to present the graphic detail. PornHub doesn’t have this issue, and is probably the most practical medium through which you can find an anal sex tutorial.

There is a variety of tutorials available, and unlike your sex-ed teacher, you can be sure the instructor here knows what they’re talking about. After all most of these tutorials are given by women who have experienced anal for themselves.


Admittedly, this is not the first site that might come to mind. Strangely enough, YouTube seems to be the perfect complement to PornHub. While PornHub is allowed to show all the details, YouTube helps precisely by not showing them. This lets you focus much more than you would be able to while looking at the ass of an extremely hot woman.

Besides that, YouTube has a much more sensitive and sex-inexperienced approach, meaning that if this is one of your first sexual adventures, you might want to start there.

In the end, these two sites are best used together. Use PornHub to bring the practical instructions, and YouTube to let you learn the theory without dwelling too much on how hot it looks.